Western Railways Ticket Booking - Ensures You Convenient Travel in the Train
20.01.2014 11:24

You cannot travel in trains without booking a ticket as ticket booking is a proof that you have paid for your travel in the train. There is a train ticket examiner in every coach of the train, and he/she inspects if you are traveling with a ticket or not. If you are caught traveling without a ticket, you are fined or imprisoned according to the rules and regulations of the railway. If the journey includes overnight travel, you need a berth too. Western Railways ticket booking allows you to travel in trains that run in the Western Zone of Indian Railways. 

Although there is provision to book tickets 60 days in advance to the journey, you may still fail to get a reservation in the train. In that case you will get a ticket in RAC or waiting list. If you are in RAC, you will get a seat to travel, which you have to share with a fellow passenger. Usually the side seats are provided to the passengers in RAC. If one of the passengers gets a confirmed seat, the other can join the two side seats and use it as a berth. You can travel in reserved coaches with tickets in RAC

In case your ticket is in the waiting list, you are not provided a seat to travel. However, you can travel in unreserved coaches, which are often crowded and uncomfortable. For long-distance travels it is impossible to travel in unreserved coaches. So, make Western Railways ticket booking and confirm your seat and go on an exciting journey. This will provide you a happy and tension-free travel in the train.

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