Online Railway Enquiry - All at One Place in the Government’s Website
21.01.2014 14:01

The online railway enquiry is now like a child’s play if you have the correct tools. With an internet connection and a gadget connected with it, all the important and relevant information pertaining to trains and train tickets are at your disposal with just a few clicks. The Government of India maintains a website that has icons, which when clicked directs you to separate pages that contain current and updated information.

The Indian Passenger Reservation Enquiry webpage is extremely user friendly and it welcomes you to the page by an introduction to experience its service. The availability of trains at major railway stations, the train schedule, the Tatkal Scheme and the Upgraded Passenger Scheme, all are known by clicking at appropriate places. The current booking availability and the train berth availability are displayed the very instance you decide which trains you wish to know about. This is not all, there is a feature that shows you all major trains plying between stations if you press the ‘Trains at a Glance’ option. The stations are understood in the website through its codes. The codes of every possible station is reflected when you prompt for it. There is a separate section for foreign tourists for the information of their necessity, which they can use it whenever they require.

Hence, when you enquire with the online railway enquiry, you get just about everything in one webpage and you do not have to navigate anywhere else on a different website to know what you are looking for.


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